When you’re looking to make the most out of an upcoming vacation, it’s essential to be open to exploring the local area and taking steps to experience things you may have never tried before. Traveling to the Dominican Republic can allow you many fantastic opportunities to relax, try new things, and enjoy yourself. When trying to find things to do in Puerto Plata, it’s important to consider all the options.

One thing you may want to consider doing during your trip is taking a tour of a local cigar factory. These factories have a rich history and allow you to understand how tobacco impacted the lives of generations of families.

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You may also get the opportunity to roll your own cigar using fresh Dominican tobacco leaves.

While many people think of beaches when they travel to the Dominican Republic, the country has immense forests and lush landscapes. With the right guide, you can discover the beauty of the forests and mountainsides. Captivating waterfalls and serine environments are right around the corner. Why miss out on taking in more of the country’s beauty?

For additional information on some of the many things to do in Puerto Plata, please be sure to watch the attached video.


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