Golf cart owners should know the laws and safety precautions when operating them. As the video mentions, law enforcement wants golf cart operators to know traffic rules on and off the road. Using golf carts safely is essential to prevent injuries and risks on the beach, road, and other access paths.

Using Your Golf Cart

Golf carts pose a significant risk of injury to operators, passengers, and other traffic if they aren’t used properly. Operators need to understand that the regular road rules apply to cars and golf carts. For example, the same drinking and driving restrictions apply to car and truck operators. Drivers must also obey all traffic laws, whether on the beach or the road. Additionally, underage drivers and children can’t operate a golf cart.

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Stay Safe

Before beginning to operate a golf cart, learn the local traffic laws and obey them at all times. It’s also essential to cover safety essentials specific to the golf cart. Preparing ahead of time and knowing the rules can make your excursion safer for everyone.

Golf cart rentals can be a convenient and fun way to get around a tourist-friendly area. However, there are risks associated with operating a golf cart. Stay informed and share the information with others to prevent mishaps and accidents.


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