Millions of people around the world enjoy Italian food weekly. Perhaps you are searching for an Italian restaurant nearby, but you’re concerned if it’s high-quality. Here are a few key indicators that you’re dining at a genuine Italian restaurant.

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  • Language – An overlooked part of dining at a high-quality Italian restaurant is embracing the language. You’re likely to hear people speaking Italian. The menu script may also be Italian.
  • Regional Dishes – Each area of Italy has unique customs. Keep that in mind while searching for an Italian restaurant nearby. Different items will be on the menu based on if you’re dining at a Rome, Naples, or Venice-themed restaurant for example.
  • Long Menus – Many genuine Italian restaurants do not have long menus. They prefer to focus on serving a few delicious dishes that people enjoy each time they visit. Avoid restaurants that have 40 or 50 dishes, as those normally do not offer authentic Italian cuisine.
  • Restaurant Attire – Italy embraces fashion. You’ll likely notice at top Italian restaurants that the servers are dressed very professionally. If you’re dining at a restaurant where the serves are dressed casually, it’s not the most authentic Italian experience.

These are a few variables to consider while searching for an Italian restaurant nearby. Dining at a top Italian restaurant likely means you’ll have to wait for an open table or for your food to be prepared. The longer wait allows you to soak in the experience. It’ll be worth the wait.


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