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Considering limo rentals service for your next event can be fun and exciting. There are a variety of events that people choose to utilize a limo for. Prom, wedding and parties account for more than 40% of all limo services and over half of all teens drink on prom night. This reason and others are why people choose to use limo rental services, but not many people think about what you should and should not do while using a limo. Read below to see things that you should not do while renting a limo for your occasions.

Know Your Numbers

Don’t overload your limo rental. Limo services typically offer limo rentals for a set number of people. When you book your limousine car service you will be asked how many people will be in the limo. Make sure not to exceed this number. The vehicle provided will be equipped to accommodate the number of passengers you state, so keep it at that and don’t go over.

Ages of Passengers

Make sure that you disclose the ages of all the passengers that will be riding in the limo. Passengers under the legal age of drinking should not be in limo rentals with alcohol included. Disclosing all information will keep problems from arising later down the line. This also keeps legal issues from becoming a problem. Disclose all information and make sure that all passengers are above legal drinking age if alcohol will be involved.

Keep it in the Car

It is obvious that you are going to have some trash while enjoying your limo rentals, but it is important to put this trash where it goes. Don’t litter from the limo. Keep trash where it goes, and dispose of it properly as you reach your destination. This not only keeps the limo clean, but helps keep the streets clean and doesn’t give the limo rentals service a bad reputation. if the name is on the side of the car, and the passengers are littering, people may think negatively about the limousine services.

Limo drivers take about 150 trips every year, meaning your limo driver is obviously experienced and has probably seen a lot. Consider this when using limo rentals, but still mind your manners. Just because limo services and drivers have seen it all, doesn’t mean that they enjoy it. Mind your manners follow these tips and have an incredible time in your limo.

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