Throughout a typical school year, many students look forward to taking a field trip. Field trips are great ways for students and teachers to spend time outside of an educational facility. Before this happens, you could be faced with long travel times. During these times, it’s helpful to have field trip games ready for everyone to play. Considering that, here are four fun games to play while traveling on a school field trip.

  • Create Your Own Traveling Treasure Hunt

    This game is a fun and imaginative way to keep everyone entertained while on the road. It’s understandable to wonder how to have a treasure hunt while traveling. This game requires a bit of classroom preparation. You’ll want to have each student list an item that can be seen while traveling. After each student submits their ideas, make these into a list for each passenger. In turn, students will have a printed list of each item which allows everyone to take part in this treasure hunt.
  • A Classic Game of 20 Questions

    In certain situations, children might have the chance to visit a manufacturing facility. These spaces usually need lots of space, meaning they’re often in rather remote locations. Considering that, 20 questions is a great time for longer trips. You might have heard of this game before. If you haven’t, 20 questions is a guessing game that’s popular among both students and adults. This game starts by having one person guess a person, place, or thing. Next, students and teachers try to figure out what the original student chose. The catch of this game is that players can only ask a total of 20 questions.
  • Playing the License Plate Game

    Many students taking field trips enjoy playing the license plate game. The rules for this game are simple, students try to find license plates from each state. The license plate is simple to remember while being able to distract children for hours. For extra fun, consider splitting into two teams for this game. The team who finds license plates from the widest variety of states wins.
  • The Sticky Note Game

    While traveling to your destination, you can also play the sticky note game. This game involves having each student place a post it or sticky note on their foreheads. After this, each student takes turn guessing which person they are. Feel free to use fictional and real people throughout history for this game.

In closing, there are many fun games to play while on a school field trip. Rather visiting a facility or a zoo, it’s important to consider charter buses for school trip transportation purposes. One study found that 751 million passengers trips are provided by the motorcoach industry each year. In fact, statistics show that students and senior citizens made up for 50.2% of all motorcoach passengers during 2012. Also, this form of travel is extremely beneficial for the environment. Statistically, one full charter bus potentially removes 55 automobiles from a roadway. Therefore, booking a charter bus for field trip transportation is an extremely wise idea. Charter buses for school trips allow both students and teachers to travel safely.

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