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In this day and age, everyone is thinking about the latest car they want to buy, and how equipped it is. Does it come with a USB port for our smartphones? Is it Bluetooth equipped? Does it have a backup camera? Oh, how times have changed!

Back in the day, people would take horse-drawn carriages to go around town, and they were not thinking about what kind of music they would listen to along the way. They had minimal maintenance and were not worried about getting an expensive car. They were happy with the carriages, and it offered them a chance to enjoy the warm weather on a nice day out in a way that is different from the way we experience spring and summer days in our new high tech cars.

If you?re hesitant about going on a horse carriage ride, here are four reasons to go ahead and try it!

1. It can be romantic

It?s just like Cinderella! These horse carriage rides will feel so magical as you sit next to your sweetheart and go around the town to see historic sites. If you take a ride during the winter or fall, you can bundle up, get some hot cocoa, and look at the fall leaves turning red, gold, and burnt orange. Breathe in the cool, crisp air, and enjoy the scents. If you take a ride during the spring or summer, enjoy the warm weather and sun on your skin as relax in your carriage ride. It?s so romantic! 42 percent of travelers feel more romantic on vacation, so why not keep the romance going?

2. It can be great for sightseeing

You can only see so much from inside a car, train, or on a tram. Taking buggy rides or buggy tours can allow you to see all the sights in a different way. You can breathe in fresh air and enjoy the weather, and just have an all-around different experience than that of being cooped in a car. Plus, it?ll feel like a blast from the past! When else can you ride in a horse drawn carriage? You can ride in a car anytime!
3. You’ll learn some history

Horse carriage rides can allow you to experience what travel was like in the past, and we bet you will never take your car for granted again! Aside from getting to see what everyday travel was like back in the day, you can also go on a historic tour in some areas, where different routes will teach you about different prominent historic place within a city, such as in Charleston, South Carolina, which earned the top spot on Travel and Leisure Magazine?s ?World?s Best Cities? list in 2016. In this city, you?ll find over 300 years of history.

4. They can be great for weddings

If you don?t want to go on a tour but would rather rent a horse carriage for your wedding, that could also be arranged! You can make your bride-to-be feel like a real-life princess by taking one of these carriages, which just spells out romance.

Horse carriage rides are something the whole family can enjoy! Take one with your family, or save it as a romantic experience with your spouse. Either way, it?s definitely something to cross off your bucket list!

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