Whatever your reason for going on vacation this year, you should consider getting a vacation rental. Whether you’re after more family time, need a romantic getaway, want a girls’ weekend, or are even getting some time for yourself, the beach is a great destination. In fact, 74% of all travelers prefer the beach to any other destination! While you’re there, why not get a beach vacation rental? There are a lot of good reasons to skip the hotel and do a condo rental or vacation house: read on for five.

  1. You’ll save money! Unless you’re only staying one night, you’re almost certainly going to save money with a vacation rental over a hotel room.
  2. Your vacation rental gives you more room. Whether you want more room for the girls (or guys!) or want something kid-friendly, a vacation rental gives you more space to spread out, more privacy, and even the ability to cook. For 71% of people traveling with kids, it’s that freedom to cook for themselves that makes a vacation rental the best choice.
  3. Fido is more likely to be welcomed. It can be hard to find a hotel that allows pets, and sometimes the extra fees make travel with your four-legged family impossible. Many vacation rentals are happy to let your pooch or kitty come along for the adventure.
  4. Take care of the laundry without stealing time from your holiday. Doing laundry in a hotel can be a nightmare. Someone has to stay behind and watch it, the machines are industrial and slow, and you have to have enough quarters! Many a vacation rental is equipped with washers and dryers, making it as simple to do laundry on holiday as it is at home.
  5. Make your own decisions about connectivity. If being connected is important to you, rentals aren’t going to charge you extra to use Wi-Fi like many hotels do. At the same time, a lot of vacation rental owners are sensitive to a growing desire among modern travelers to get disconnected and unplugged. Many are happy to take all the technology out of the rental prior to your arrival!

For the perfect beach getaway at the best price, with plenty of room, privacy, and adaptability, look for a beach house rental. It could just be the beginning of the best vacation you’ve ever taken!

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