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Getting married is (usually) a once in a lifetime, special event, so why not make it a night to remember? One excellent way to do so is by having a destination wedding. Destination weddings are great for all involved because they’re a great excuse to get away and vacation with your closest friends and family members.
But planning a destination wedding isn’t always easy. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are 5 essential tips for planning the perfect beachfront wedding:

  1. A beach wedding typically costs anywhere between $10,000-$50,000. This, of course includes all of the traditional trapping, such as bridal parties, decorations, entertainment, and the like. Comparatively, a typical American wedding averages at around $26,000. So if you want to pull out all of the stops, you might want to budget accordingly!
  2. If you’re looking to have a beachfront or destination wedding, you’re not alone. Approximately 15% of all weddings these days are destination or getaway weddings. This is good news, because the high incidence of destination weddings has prompted hotels and beachfront resorts to offer more affordable accommodations for wedding parties.
  3. Wedding season typically falls between June and October, and the most common marriage months are June and September. If you’re looking to save on venue costs, flights, and hotels, try to plan your wedding in the off-season. January through March are the least popular wedding months, and you should find some stellar deals within this time frame!
  4. The shorter notice your guests receive, the higher the hotel and flight costs will be. To ensure that your guests will be able to come and that they will get the best deals possible, send “save the dates” before sending out actual wedding invitations. These “save the dates” should be received no later than 6 to 8 months before the actual event.
  5. In tropical locations such as the Caribbean, hurricane season lasts from July through October. When planning your nuptials, don’t forget to factor this in. Also, remember that certain locations can be be uncomfortably hot during summer months, such as Italy around the month of August.

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