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If you are newly married, or you’ve just started dating, honeymoons and couple getaways are almost an indispensable treat for you and your loved one. Maybe you’ve been planning and dreaming for an exquisite getaway with the one you love. You’ve even streamlined all financial and logistic factors. But you have no remotest vacation idea, or where to start. Then, this is your chance to rekindle the spark in your relationship.

As a couple, you often find yourself with a lot of concerns revolving around the perfect getaway ideas. Finding a tour destination may not be as easy as many would think, as there are many factors to be considered. However, the most common factor that can also serve as a hindrance is individual interest from couples. You may want to indulge in something you love, but your partner is suggesting something else. Probably you are more adventurous than your spouse, and you prefer sundown moments, but your spouse is an indoor holiday person. It is such disparity in interests that pose a threat to an otherwise memorable vacation. Therefore it is necessary that both of you read from the same page so as agree on a destination.

Some of the other factors couples look at while planning for vacation include budget, duration, privacy, flexibility, and climate. According to’s 2016 “Traveler’s Sweet Spot” survey, 34% of women and 38% of men agreed that the best vacations are romantic getaways. These getaways are made of tailored recreation features to meet specific needs couples have. However, different destination points have different packages. Depending on your budget and ability to spend; you can choose to have the options of a 5-star holiday experience or a simple outdoor vacation. The following some of the vacation or honeymoon ideas for a fantastic holiday.

Beach Retreat
For the lovers of the beach, how about waves crashing at your feet? Or gazing at the moonlight while reminiscing on some good fantasies. To experience this thrilling beach experience, all you have to do is rent a beach house, which always offers spacious rooms and a kitchen at your disposal. Meal time will be tasty as you overlook the beautiful sandy beach. Instead of spending much on luxury hotels, the beach makes one of the best honeymoon spots that demand less regarding money and logistics.

All-inclusive resort
This is probably the most sought after getaway option spouses consider choosing. All-inclusive hotels distinguish themselves from other resorts by offering virtually every recreation feature for one price. You can be sure to save few dollars from such package. Often, an all-inclusive package will entail meals, tips, snacks, drinks, and fun activities. Leaving you with one agenda, and that is to have fun. For more romantic getaway experience, an all-inclusive trip frees you from cooking, giving you unlimited time together with your honey.

Cruise Retreat
Looking to spend less and enjoy more? Cruises make the best getaway idea. With all entertainment under one roof, you can engage in a host of romantic activities and enjoy some of the delicious sea cuisines around. Typically, cruise trips charge per person, but there are special packages for those who come in pairs.

Outdoor Magic
Adventurous terrains, sandbanks, sliding, sea diving, camping, skiing among others are some of the popular outdoor travel courses you can consider partaking. Outdoor adventures aren’t for everyone, but couples who love to take the risk and enjoy the wonderful elements of nature will try this out. You can opt for an inexpensive camper or tent treat, that gets you away from the busy city life and still enjoy the basic service hotels offer. Creating magical moments is all about creative vacation ideas like this one.

Winery Moments
Wineries offer suitable honeymoon and getaway option for the loved ones, especially if you have a taste for some good wine tours. These recreational joints are one of the most romantic hotels around the world. With most of them offering various packages that comprise of breakfast and bed, launch, an exclusive entrance to a wine area is almost guaranteed for any couple. So, as you relax and unwind, enjoy the sweet taste of chilled vintage wines that goes together with some roasted beef steak.

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