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Every couple wants to have that perfect wedding. Unfortunately, modern wedding costs can sometimes be quite costly. However, following the right steps will help ensure you have a dream wedding on a small budget. These tips are easy to follow and only require a little bit of creativity. The costs you save could very well wind up being huge savings. In this post, you will learn four ways to plan the perfect wedding on a budget.

  • Keep Invites to Close Family and Friends: Gigantic wedding ceremonies look great in the movies and television shows. In many cases, a large ceremony is perfectly fine. However, having a small ceremony is perfect too. Couples on a smaller budget might want to keep the guest list relatively short. Research shows the average number of guests at a wedding is 165. The previously mentioned number doesn’t mean this is how many guests you need to have at your wedding.

    You will want to remember that while more guests mean more gifts, they will incur more costs. For example, catering costs are often divided into amounts of food needed. If you have to bump up food needs to another bracket, it could mean spending more than you intended to. Seating costs are another factor that can add up quickly. Having a lot of guests likely means spending quite a bit on seating costs.

  • Finding the Right Wedding Location: Research shows that nearly 35 percent of weddings are held outdoors. Lake resorts are common choices for the perfect outdoor wedding. Having your loved ones around you in a perfect outdoor setting makes a special day that much more special. Many locations offer wedding packages that take of everything in one convenient package deal.

    One study found that 48 percent of those surveyed by The Knot stated that having a scenic wedding venue was their top priority. Certain locations will offer special wedding packages. In many cases, these wedding packages will offer a complete wedding setup for your special day.

  • Choosing the Right Cake: Couples with small budgets may need to get a bit creative when it comes to finding the right cake. In certain situations, local bakeries may offer lower prices for wedding cakes. It will pay off to sometimes search deeply for the right bakery. Going with the first entry you come across could mean paying a premium price.

    Certain couples will enlist the help of friends and family that are experienced bakers. It is wise to ask around, you never know which loved one in your life knows how to whip up an amazing wedding cake. One recent twist on the traditional wedding cake is to offer guests cupcakes. In certain situations, cupcakes are made in small batches and can provide big savings to a food budget.

  • Wedding Invitations: One way you can go DIY is with the wedding invitation. You don’t always have to pay a company to create the right announcement for your special day. Many couples enjoy the experience of creating their own invitations. A visit to a hobby shop will help to ensure you have all of the papers, pens, markers, and other materials you need.

    Going DIY for invitations ensure you have the right final product that is made specifically to your needs. Starting invitation creation early ensures you have enough time to make any adjustments along the way. Smaller wedding guest lists will be easy to tackle going the DIY route. Buying materials yourself often ensures that costs are far lower than having a company create invitations for you.

  • In closing, there are several ways to cut costs for your wedding. Keeping an invite list small helps to manage other wedding costs including food and seating. Finding the perfect wedding location is important. You can find certain locations offering wedding packages. These all in one solutions are great for saving both money and time during wedding planning.

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