You’ve finally bought your first RV. Congratulations! With the RV warranty all squared away, you might think you’re ready to get on the road. Don’t be too hasty, though. Are you sure you have everything you need for your first adventure in your new RV? Let’s review a few key pieces of equipment that every new RV owner needs to carry.

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The first is a set of tools. Your RV is more like a moving house than it is a vehicle, which means you’ll need to have tools available to fix leaks, hang pictures, and even repair broken pieces of furniture. A basic tool kit, especially one specifically crafted with RV life in mind, is a must-have for any new RV owner.

The next thing you’ll want to make sure you have is a spare tire and a jack. Though the interior of your RV may seem more like a house, your RV still has an engine and four wheels. That means you need to be prepared in the event of a flat or punctured tire. A spare tire or two and a jack will ensure that you have the equipment necessary to get to a mechanic for a replacement tire without damaging your RV further.


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