These past few years have seen a humongous revival of campers. With so many people sick and tired of being cooped up in quarantine, families of all sizes are taking to the road to fulfill their long overdue vacations. More and more people are buying new campers and travelling across the country, while others are bringing new life to their old campers to do the same. If you have a camper trailer you haven’t used in years but aren’t quite ready to get rid of yet, why not consider remodeling it? Camper trailer remodeling hosts a very large community, and some people devote tons of their time to refurbishing old and broken down campers. This video shares one man’s journey to remodeling his camper trailer.

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As you can see, sometimes the most impactful thing you can do for a camper is give it a fresh coat of paint. Take out all of your cabinet doors and drawers, and restain them to give your interior an entirely new aesthetic. Stain the baseboards as well. Another essential detail is the pillows in your camper’s lounge area. You can reupholster these or replace them entirely to matching your new wooden doors’ color.


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