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In the business world, a strong impression can make the difference between a deal and a bust. Treating potential clients and employees well solidifies business relationships; a corporate car service happens to leave a lasting impression. Whether a limousine or luxury vehicle, sending a corporate car service to pick up partners from the airport or to drop off a salesman for a business meeting shows that you’re company is willing to spare no expense to close any deal.

Working on the Road
Each year, approximately 405 million long-distance business trips are taken by Americans each year. With over 11 million meetings in the U.S. every day, there are certainly no lack of potential destinations those trips could be heading to. A corporate car service can ensure that your employees make it to their meetings on time and in style.

The Power of Presence
Despite mobile phones and webcam innovations, 78% of business travelers firmly believe that there is no substitute for being at a meeting in person. Most travelers actually enjoy the trips; these are the employees that want to close deals for their companies. Despite the fact that the average United States business trip lasts for four days and costs upwards of $1,837, companies continue to spend an average of $132,127 on business meetings and conferences each year with national spending in 2014 reaching approximately $288.8 billion. A corporate car company helps by providing limo service and airport transfers as needed to ensure that all transportation needs are covered.

Making the First Impression Count
Studies show that most airplane passengers are in discomfort by the end of their flight. Having a chauffeured car service to pick them up when the land can help to take away the stress and discomfort of long plane rides; making sure that your guests are happy and appreciative when it comes time to reach an agreement. A limousine service can double as an effective tactic when it comes to impressing potential clients or treating existing clients to luxury quality service.

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