Oakley fives replacement lenses

Before you even try replacing sunglass lenses, you need to buy the right pair of replacement sunglass lenses to put in. This can be a little tricky, since many replacement lenses for sunglasses aren’t quite perfect fits. Instead of getting replacement sunglass lenses that won’t work with your shades, here’s how to find the exact size, shape, and color you need.

Model Number.

The first thing you should look for is the model number. This will help you find the right shape of replacement sunglass lenses. Look at the temple area on the inside of the glasses. On one side of the bars that extend to the ear you should see either a series of digits and letters or codes. The first set that you see is most always the model number.

Color Codes.

The number after the model number is usually the color code. Sometimes it’s as simple as “585,” and then other times it’s a bit more complicated, like “607/24.” The latter kind of code indicates not only the color of the lens, but also the color of the frames, too. This only matters if you want to get as exact a set of replacement sunglass lenses as possible. Some people, though, see the need to replace their lenses as an opportunity to upgrade or change up the look of their shades, and so they buy replacement sunglass lenses of a more unique color, like blue or green instead of gray.


Usually each specific model of sunglasses only has one lens size, but there are some exceptions out there, which is why you need to check the bridge of the glasses–the piece that goes over the bridge of your nose. Sometimes manufacturers put the size there, while other times they’ll put them with the other codes on the temple.

Once you’ve got the right set of replacement lenses, you should be all set. Just get those old, cracked, scratched up lenses out and put the new ones. Though it’s pretty easy to replace sunglass lenses, it’s understandable if you have any questions. If you do to replace lenses in sunglasses, or if you have a question about finding the right set of replacement sunglass lenses, feel free to ask in the comments.

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