Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country. It offers warm weather, numerous beaches, and many exciting attractions. Although many tourists flock to Florida for the outdoor activities, there are also many indoor activities to enjoy. With so many popular travel spots throughout Florida, it can be difficult to choose the best destination for your vacation. As you plan your Florida trip, keep these planning tips in mind.

Desired water and climates

Florida is a rather large state. You can actually view two different ocean waterways from the state of Florida. You will also notice drastically different climates from the northern most point of Florida when compared to the very most southern point, the Florida Keys. Consider which water way and climate you want to spend the majority of your time nearby.

The east coast offers beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. However, if you travel inwards, towards the Western coast, you can view the Gulf of Mexico. Although both waterways have numerous outdoor activities, they do vary in terms of temperatures and views. No matter where you go in Florida, you are never more than 60 miles from the beach.

Type of accommodations

Because Florida is a highly visited tourist area, you will find many different type of lodging available. Consider your options and which lodging fits your intended type of trip. If you are looking for a beach vacation, you may choose to stay in a resort directly on the beach, overlooking the waterway. However, if you would rather visit one of Florida?s inland lakes, you may decide to turn your Florida vacation into a camping trip. Camping in Florida is wonderful because of the beautiful weather and the many outdoor activities.

Popular attraction locations

There are also a large number of tourists who choose to visit Florida because of their many exciting attractions. Florida is home to many amusement and water parks, contributing significantly to their tourist numbers. The tourism industry has an economic impact of $67 billion on Florida?s economy, much of this from the state?s popular attractions. If visiting an attraction is on your vacation agenda, ensure that you choose lodging nearby. These highly populated areas have many accommodation choices to choose from.

Consider a road trip

Because Florida has so much to offer, it may be difficult to choose just one location or just one attraction. Instead, consider turning your Florida vacation into a road trip. A road trip allows you to see numerous museums and attractions, stay in different types of motels, participate in numerous outdoor activities, and even try out different camping accommodation, such as in tents or camping in cabins. In 2013, campers traveled an average distance of 186.7 miles for camping trips. Plan a road trip, visiting different camping destinations throughout the beautiful state of Florida.

Plan multiple Florida vacations

Even if you plan a road trip throughout Florida, you are still likely to miss many of the exciting attractions and views that Florida offers. For example, the Florida Keys can be an entire Florida road trip, without ever seeing any of the mainland state. The state of Florida is the perfect vacation destination, even over multiple vacations. Plan to see one side of the state on one trip, and next time, plan a road trip to see a different part of the state. You will never tire of the state of Florida and all that it has to offer.

Every year, many people all over the world make their way to vacation in the state of Florida. Florida has many beaches, camping accommodations, outdoor activities, and popular amusement attractions. With so many entertainment possibilities, it can be difficult to decide where in Florida to spend your vacation. Consider, instead, planning a road trip. Although you will still be unable to see all the exciting attractions of Florida, you can arrange future vacations plans in Florida.

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