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Even though it may not seem realistic to most Americans, taking a private flight is something that businesses do quite often. The reason why is always changing and can involve a boost in productivity or even possibly attempting to build a culture within the workplace that is positive. However, what seems to stay the same is that before a business will rent a private jet they will want a private flight quote.

In a 2009 survey, it was revealed that 20% of all workers said they feel more productive when they are on a company aircraft as opposed to when they are in the office. This stat goes to show that there are some people who truly feel an effect when they are on a private jet taking private flights. Here is some important information on private flights, charter flights, charter quotes, and getting a private flight quote.

Out of all business aircraft passengers, just about 22% is a part of the top management group, 50% are other kinds of managers, and just about 20% of all passengers are technical, sales, or are a part of the service staff. This may seem random but it will play a factor into what kind of private flight quote you get. Depending on the skills of the passengers, the private flight quote may be more or less than the average pricing.

It usually will cost over $100,000 for someone to charter a Gulfstream V from New York City to San Francisco for a weekend. This type of price is pretty high in terms of a private flight quote, but that is because a Gulfstream V is one of the best types of the plane that someone can get in terms of private flights. There are obviously plenty of cheaper jets and planes that one can take on their private business trip.

When workers fly on commercial airlines they note that they have a 40% drop in productivity. This is why so many of the top business owners will try and get a private flight quote for their workers. They want their workers to be able to have great productivity if they are traveling to give a presentation.

Smaller sized jets can fly higher than commercial jets which makes trips faster for the passengers on board. This is because they will have to deal with less air traffic as they make their landings. This can help get workers where they need to be on time and more often than not even earlier which is great for everyone involved.

Right now, private jets will use a network of almost more than 5,000 airports across the United States whereas commercial airlines usually have to access to only 550. This is why people are interested in getting a private flight quote. As previously mentioned these types of private flights are much quicker for passengers.

There were over 11,000 private jets registered in the United States in the year of 2011. This statistic directly points to the increase of people who want a private flight quote. Plus, the United States has been revealed as making up more than 50% of all the entire private jet market across the globe!

In Conclusion

Getting a private flight quote is now easier than ever before. Thanks to the utilization of the internet, most things are much more accessible as opposed to earlier times across the United States. Anyone who is interested in taking a private flight has a better chance of doing so and thus they can easily get a private flight quote.

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