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It is a beautiful thing to fly in a plane. There is the comfort of a seat cushion, the nice television available on the back of the seat, the possibility of power outlets on some airlines, and the beautiful food that is sometimes made. This may seem like an experience worth having for many but some cannot. They are afraid to fly.

Fear is a terrible thing, and many individuals suffer great fear about flying. They are scared of getting in the air, scared of the plane crashing into the ground below, scared of the clustered spacing of the plane itself and the claustrophobic feeling of crushed between two large men named Todd and having to gasp for breath as their fat crushes them.

Flying is an apprehensive activity for these individuals. They may have sudden bouts of indigestion that need to be taken care of. They may need to use the bathroom but dislike toilets without water. They may have sensitive feet and suffer from the bloating that arises in the cabin. They may need to breathe steadily in a bag.

Never fear. That’s why private jets are here.

People fly in private jets to avoid the general problems within the commercial airline industry. Within the commercial airline industry, security lines are sometimes long, the process of checking baggage takes some time, the seats are cramped in the airplane, the airline food is sometimes barely edible, and the environment is distracting.

People in private jets have several luxuries that the people who fly in commercial airlines do not. First, they have the opportunity to forego the large lines for security, especially if the private jet, like many private jets, flies out of a smaller airport. They get to check their bags quickly and often there is more space on a private jet.

Around 1.2 million Americans are employed in the business aviation industry, which generates $150 billion in economic activity a year. Americans fly quite a bit. To whit, by 2011, 11,261 private jets were registered in the United States. The United States accounts fo 49.7% of the private jet market, with Europe in second at 20.8%.

Private jets are often looked at as a luxury of the rich and the famous, but more and more corporations are chartering private jets to accommodate their executives, lower managers, technicians and support personnel to have the experience of enjoying the flight while bonding with coworkers.

It’s not all just business executives who fly on planes, as stated above. There are many kinds of personnel on chartered business flights, including top management (22%), other managers (50%), and technical and support staff (20%). Whole levels within a company can fly on a chartered flight.

The perks of flying on a private plane extend to the airports and level within the atmosphere that the planes fly in. Private jets use a network of more than 5,000 airports in the United States, while commercial flights use a network of 550. This makes it easier for people to on-board and avoids big lines.

There are other statistics involved in chartered planes:

  • Respondents to a 2009 study said that they are 20% more productive on company aircraft than in an office.
  • Business people flying on commercial airline reported a 40% drop in productivity.

Chartering flights is expense, depending on income bracket. For the wealthy and uber-wealthy, it is a drop in the bucket, and for some companies as well. But it still is expensive and outside of the range of the average worker. For instance, it costs $106,711.17 to charter a Gulfstream V from NYC to San Francisco for a weekend.

A private plane charter is the process by which a company or a business or a person or a family can rent a plane for a certain amount of time to a certain destination. A private plane charter costs money, a great deal of money. A private plane charter also takes into consideration the type of plane and the number of passengers involved.

A private plane charter goes by many names:

  • Private jet flight
  • Private aircraft charter
  • International jet charter
  • Ultimate private jet

And many more. While the challenge of chartering a flight is the cost, for those who can afford the cost, the experience is enjoyable and pleasurable.

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