Finding a wedding venue these days seems almost impossible, especially if you have certain requirements and expectations. The best places are booked for years in advance, and most people have to make a reservation in a less desirable spot. Fortunately, there are many ways you can actually find a good place to have your ceremony and reception without paying through the roof or having to build it yourself.

First, you must narrow down what you want. Some people search for affordable mountain wedding venues, but you need to be a little more specific. Do you want your wedding to feel like a cabin surrounded by snow? A few brides only have one requirement, such as non-barn wedding venues. It’s perfectly fine to have those specifications, but it’s much better to remain open-minded, particularly if you haven’t had luck in your search.

Several wedding venues with willow trees could be gorgeous as long as you have enough imagination. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a wedding planner who can walk you through the decorations. Just focus on finding wedding venues that are easy to reach and accessible for most of your loved ones. Let’s discover these tips, so you can find the right spot.


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Do you need help finding a wedding venue? You’ve probably dreamed of your wedding all of you life, and finding a wedding venue that perfectly creates the event of your dreams, but within your budget can be tricky. To help you get started finding a wedding venue, we’ve put together a quick guide for identifying and locking beautiful wedding venues, below.

Three Great Tips for Finding a Wedding Venue You Love and Can Afford

    1. Know What You Can Spend Before You Even Start Your Search
      We know. There are so many fun and exciting aspects of planning the perfect wedding. The least fun and least exciting aspect is setting a budget. Why are we starting with this one? Well, understanding how much you can afford to spend on your venue while leaving enough to spend on the florist, caterer, band or DJ and so on will narrow down the event venues you can choose from off the bat. The last thing you want to do is get your heart set on any event spaces for rent that would require you to get married without a wedding dress, or make other cost sacrifices that would ruin your big day.However, after you set your budget, be prepared to go over. In fact, something like 98% of brides spend more than planned on their weddings. It’s going to happen. We did it, you’ll do it, every other bride planning a wedding this year will do it. Accept it. But being conscious of what you can spend going in will help you stay as close to the number you’re shooting for as possible.

      When you know your wedding budget, you may have a littler room while selecting a venue based on what the venue includes in the cost. For example, if the venue provides tables, chairs, and linens, you’ll save several hundred dollars that you’d have to spend at a venue that requires you to rent your own. If the venue costs a little more than planned, you’ll still stay close to your targeted budget.

      However, the opposite is also true. If a venue comes in under budget, but requires you to supply lighting, a dance floor, tents, and a whole bunch of odds and ends, they may actually cost more in the long run.


    1. Think Over a Destination Wedding
      Getting married in a place that neither you or the groom hails from is becoming common practice. Getting married in a remote place is not only a nice, unique adventure for you and your betrothed, it is a great way to cut your guest list down by all the people you’re only inviting out of obligation, and who are only coming out of obligation. The people who care enough to you to make a trip for your nuptials are the people you want to be there anyways.This can throw a wrench in your venue-selecting plans though. How can you really get a feel for a spot when you aren’t there to feel it out in person? Start by checking out local chamber of commerce websites. Ask around to professionals in the wedding business in the area for suggestions (such as your florist, hair stylist, the owner of the bed and breakfast you’re staying at). Ask around on message boards of people who have had destination wedding in the same place. Make a trip there yourself to scout out great locations. When you find the best place to get married, identifying the best place within that place will fall into place.


  1. Get Creative With the Internet
    The internet is a powerful tool, make the most of it while looking for the perfect place to get married. Try searching the city or town you’re planning to tie the knot and the word “wedding.” Click on the “photos” tab and scroll through photos of other weddings that have taken place in the area that you are considering holding your big day. When you see a picture that embodies the heart and soul of what you want for your wedding, click on it and jot down the venue the wedding was hosted at. This will give you a short list of venue ideas that you can pursue.

Do you have any other tips for finding a great wedding venue? Share below!


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