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No matter how young or old you are, vacations are something virtually everyone can enjoy. Planning vacations can be stressful and difficult, but the end result is almost always worth it. One of the things that’s become popular recently to cut down on this stress and planning are all inclusive resorts and all inclusive vacation packages. This makes it so all you have to really worry about is buying a plane ticket (or arranging some kind of travel) and planning what you’ll be doing when you’re there. No need to worry about food, drinks, amenities etc.

The world is a big place with countless places to see and discover. Where you go for your next vacation is entirely up to you and depends on what kind of individual preferences you have. Here are a couple examples of some places that could make for a good choice for vacations this summer though.

  1. Cabo San Lucas: Cabo San Lucas is a resort city that’s located on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. If you’re into hot weather, beaches, and fun in the sun this might be the place for you. The average temperature of Cabo San Lucas during the summer is about 70 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. There are plenty of options to choose from including villa rentals, luxury Cabo hotels, and entire resorts. While July and August are technically part of the region’s “rainy” season, it only receives between seven and 10 inches of rainfall annually. Just enough to cool down from a hot day.
  2. Toronto, CA: If the hot weather is something you’re trying to escape this summer, perhaps a trip to our neighbors to the North is the kind of vacation you need. You can choose any of Canada’s popular cities like Niagara Falls, Montreal, or as we’ve selected here, the hip city of Toronto. Toronto has become known in recent years as a truly international city with an active nightlife and social scene. The fact that Drake has elevated that popularity is just another testament to the city and people that call it home.
  3. Rome, Italy: Traveling to Italy will always be a classic vacation destination for Americans. Not only can many trace parts of their heritage back to the country, but it’s also home to some of the world’s most famous pieces of architecture, art, and venues. Places like the Coliseum, Vatican City, and the Sisteine Chapel jsut to name a few.

One of the only things that can spoil vacations is not picking the right place. These are just some ideas to think about.

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