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Camping is a very popular activity in the United States. The industry brings about five billion dollars to the American economy. IN 2014, U.S. consumers spent nearly $1.5 billion on camping equipment on their various camping needs. In 2013, the American Camper Report said that more than 40 million Americans took camping trips. That represents 14 of the population of the country. Camping does not have to be done in a tent. There are a number of rental options that are available.andnbsp;

Camping is one of the most kid friendly vacations around. They also deliver an excellent option for family bonding. The economic benefits cannot be beat either. There are ways to make your family camping trips better for everyone.

  1. Consider options other than tents. Tent camping is very popular but it is not for everyone. Many campgrounds offer cabins rentals and other options for your accommodations than you may have had as child. This is not your father’s camping! You can find options to make everyone happy.
  2. Plan our your meals. You may be able to save some time and work by chopping vegetables and partially cooking baked potatoes in advance. This can make a really big difference in your vacation.
  3. Make sure you know what your rentals do and do not cover. Some camping cabins are a lot like five star hotels while others are more basic. Ask the campground about heating, cooling and cooking options. You can avoid any surprises and unexpected problems with some advance questions.
  4. Plan for bad weather. You can plan all you want but bad weather does happen. Plan in advance for this by bringing games and other activities you can do if you find yourself having to stay in the rentals for one or more days.
  5. Bring (and use) your sunscreen. It does not matter if you do not normally get a sunburn but you should bring your sunscreen. Remember, your sunscreen SPF (sun protection factor) is only a guide for how much longer you can stay out in the sun without being burned. That means you need to reapply it often throughout the day. This is especially true if you are engaging in water sports. The sun will also reflect off of the water giving you a double dose. Bring some aloe vera (with lidocaine) for added skin protection.
  6. Bring tea tree oil for better bug protection. Bugs hate tea tree oil. Use that rather than harsh chemicals for your insect protection.
  7. Talk to the staff at the park when you have made your rentals reservation. They know the park better than anyone and may have suggestions for local things to do and see. Call them in advance or talk to them when you are at the campground. They will appreciate your asking them about the park and showing an interest.
  8. Take your kids on a trial run vacation.andnbsp;If your children have never been camping, try a trial run in the back yard for the weekend. Get them used to the idea of camping and take them out for a trial run. You will be glad you did.
  9. Plan your trip in advance.andnbsp;Many people make their plans for camping vacations many people plan out their vacation at least one month before they go.

Camping is a great way to take a vacation with your friends and family. It offers chances to unplug from your technology and spend quality time with the people who you love. Your family may not believe it but everyone can survive a few days without Snapchat, Facebook and their other social media sites. Plan your trip well and your family will appreciate the experience. The Institute of Education at Plymouth University found that about 98% of parents connect with nature and appreciate it. About 95% reported happier children after taking their camping trips. Nearly 93% reported feeling it gave their children useful skills they could use later in their lives. No matter how you slice it, taking camping vacations offers a great way to spend time with your friends and family.



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