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Why are charter plane services becoming increasingly popular? There?s a few reasons, and most of the reasons center around the economic value in opting for private charter jets. Let’s review the multiple options and facts available.

Flying is More Popular Than Ever

It?s true: people are flying more than ever before. More people are in the air, and more people are taking multiple flights each year, whether it?s for business or pleasure. On average, about 8 million people end up flying every single day.

Commercial Airlines Can be a Hassle

If you?re booking a one time flight to a city three hours away, it may not be a big deal to hop on Expedia and book the lowest priced commercial flight out. For many travelers, though, commercial airlines can be a big hassle. To begin with, they involve a lot of preparation time; for international flights, most airports recommend arriving at least two hours ahead of time to check in and clear security. For people for whom time is very precious, this can feel like a hassle — especially if they have to fly frequently. Commercial airlines are also very conscious of space and give the least amount of service possible in order to keep their prices as low as possible.

Charter Jet Companies Offer a Luxurious Experience

It?s no secret that flying in private aircraft charters can be a great experience. People have all the space they need, and can get on and off the plane very quickly compared to a commercial flight. It?s also possible to get direct flights to cities that might otherwise require a transfer, were one to go through the commercial airlines. Want to bring wine on board? For most private jets, this is no problem.

Might be More Affordable Than You Thought

Have you heard of something called the ?private jet empty leg?? This refers to when someone needs a plane from, say, Orlando to Washington D.C., but the plane still needs to return to Orlando. It?s possible to essentially ?rent out? the empty leg of the journey, and this will help the plane company recoup money while lowering the price of flying either way.

Can charter jet companies be the right choice for your journey? There’s no right answer. If time and comfort matter to you, though, it could indeed be a good fit for your needs. Let us know what ends up working!

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