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If your friends are getting married in New York City — get ready for the weekend of your lives!

Weddings are extremely fun and exciting on their own, but if you add the city that never sleeps, wow. You and your fiends are truly going to have an unforgettable and amazing night and weekend. Here are a few great tips to ensure that the NYC wedding weekend is absolutely perfect.

Book bus tours to NYC

Rather than driving yourself or cramming into the best man’s sedan, charter a bus to the Big Apple instead. Wherever you’re coming from can be a nightmare if you have to share a ride with four or five people. Even if it’s only an hour or so away, getting into NYC is still extremely difficult and can take much longer if traffic is even remotely bad. Have you and the entire wedding party hop on a bus and enjoy yourselves!

Rent a town car

Once you’re in the city, however, you probably don’t want to be stuck maneuvering around the city in a big bus. Taking advantage of chart bus services can be great on your way to the city but might be a little tricky once you’re all actually there. Rent a town car and it’ll be much easier to get around and find fun things to do is this magical city before, during, and after the wedding celebrations.

Take off a few days of work after the trip

No one wants to leave NYC. And certainly no one wants to leave NYC and go right back to work. If you’re going to have as much fun as you think, and you probably will, it’s best to take off two, three, even the entire week following a NYC wedding weekend. Even if you take it easy during the reception and the night after, you’re still in New York City. You’re going to be tired and you’re NOT going to want to go into the office first thing Monday morning. Ask for a few days off — they’ll understand.

Rent a town car
, have fun on your trip, and stay safe!

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