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International travel may seem like an expensive, unrealistic dream. Especially if you’re young and don’t have a lot of money to spare. However, if you plan ahead, especially by booking cheap international flights and hotels, you can travel internationally without spending over your budget. Being a budget traveler forces you to think twice about the money you’re spending. If you’re wondering how to get started with budget traveling, check out these few tips.

  1. Document your expenses: Traveling somehow has the ability to make people pay for things they don’t really need, or sometimes even want. Because of this, expensive impulse purchases can quickly add up. Instead of allowing yourself to get swept up in the excitement of being in a foreign place, create a strict budget for yourself before the trip. Categories within your budget should include, food, tours and expeditions, and souvenirs. Throughout your trip, document all of your expenses and compare it to your pre-made budget.
  2. Travel during off seasons: Choosing to travel during off-peak seasons will not only allow you to find cheap flights and other accommodations, but will also allow you to avoid swarms of other tourists. Additionally, there’s usually great deals on cheap international flights during the holidays, so make sure to do your research and planning well in advance.
  3. Snack smart: Traveling often leaves people feeling hungry and willing to pay for the most convenient food, no matter the price. Instead, you should try to stop at the local grocery store to stock up on snacks. Another option would be to try street food. Not only will this be less expensive than a restaurant, but you’ll also get a more authentic experience.
  4. Avoid baggage fees: You should try to limit your packing to the essentials to avoid exceeding airline baggage weight limits. Basically, you should only pack what you absolutely need to bring — remember, hotels will have things like shampoo and body soap. Additionally, you can avoid packing some of your heavier items, like sweaters or coats, by layering up and wearing them on the plane.

Traveling doesn’t have to be an extremely expensive thing. If you plan ahead, stick to your budget, and always remain conscious of how much you’re spending, you’ll be able to have a beautiful, memorable trip, without emptying your savings account. Read more like this.

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