The next time you are in charge of the transportation of a large group of people, consider using a bus rental. Charter bus rentals can be a less expensive, more ecologically considerate option that actually simplifies the transportation planning process. While special bus tours are often viewed as suitable for school trips or vacation tours, a charted bus can also be a great transportation method for business purposes as well.

How Do I Figure Out What Kind of Bus to Schedule?

Buses come in many forms. The humble yellow school bus and the buses used for public transportation do not inspire a vote of confidence in booking a bus for a special occasion or business trip. However, the bus rentals available for these purposes are a far cry from the vehicles for public usage.

Choosing the Right Size Bus Will Effect the Amenities Available.

There is no need to rent a bigger bus than is required. With that said, smaller buses do not have the same amenities that the large buses do. For example, a shuttle bus has less room for luggage, no bathroom, and is best for groups of fewer than 35 people. The large buses do have a bathroom onboard as well as more luggage space, making them a better choice for groups of 36 people or more.

Here’s Why People Choose a Bus For Some Special Occasions.

Many people are choosing buses over a caravan of cars for their special occasions for a few reasons. One is to simplify arrivals. All too often, at least one person in a group will get lost on the way. The larger the group, the more likely it is to happen to more than one person. Secondly, having everyone on a special bus tours can create a feeling of camaraderie that is difficult in separate cars. If the event in question is a wedding, choosing a bus might turn out to be a big hit.

Taking Buses Over Cars Is Good For the Environment.

Buses can be more ecologically friendly than an automobile. For example, one fully-booked bus has the potential to remove 55 cars from the highway. Also, a bus is one of the best methods of transportation if you are wanting to create less carbon dioxide in the environment. One study found that the average bus creates less CO2 emissions as compared to nearly any other form of motorized transportation. They are also viewed as being about six times more efficient than single-occupancy vehicles on the highway.

A great perk of bus travel for large groups is that someone else is in charge of getting everyone to their destination. If you were put in charge of figuring out the transportation for an important upcoming event, don’t rule out special bus tours. Travel doesn’t need to be boring. A bus rental can take the responsibility of driving off your hands.

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