For those looking into nature vacations but aren’t quite ready to rough it, luxury lodges in Alaska could be the perfect solution. Luxury lodges are the ideal place to stay when looking into vacation spots in Alaska, as the weather is typically not nice enough to stay fully outdoors. Luxury lodges allow guests at a location in the Alaska State Park to enjoy all of the beauties that the Alaskan land has to offer from the comfort and safety of a lodge.

Visiting the Alaska State Park system has become a popular destination for many nature minded vacationers, as it has more than three million acres of land and water altogether and is considered to be the largest state park system in the entirety of the United States, making it perfect for nature lovers. Within Alaska alone there are more then seventy five state parks, which include national parks (by far the most popular) to refuge centers for wildlife and historical sites. This also includes much of the wilderness of Alaska, which cover more than fifty percent of the entire state. Alaska is a place to go if you love nature, but it is often overlooked in favor of warmer states in the southern United States. However, if you plan your vacation right, it’s more than likely that you’ll have just as comfortable of an experience in Alaska as you would have had you chosen to go to Florida or California (or any other such southern state) instead. In fact, many people greatly enjoy staying in luxury lodges in Alaska and many will make a return trip there, as nearly seventy five percent of all travelers in the United States will eventually return to a place that they have previously visited. For many of these travelers, Alaska, with all that it has to offer, is that such place.

But there is more to do in Alaska than simply admire the great beauty of it and visit the parks, national or otherwise. Many people enjoy hiking through trails in the Alaskan wilderness as well, getting as up close and personal with as much of the nature as they can. In fact, hiking is a popular activity all throughout the United States, and more than thirty three million people hike every year in some part of the United States. Fishing is another popular activity in Alaska and one that is partaken in often elsewhere in the United States as well. In fact, around thirty five billion dollars was spent on fishing related costs alone in 2011, according to the Outdoor Industry Association.

Though you may not have previously considered Alaska as an ideal vacation spot, you should now. From luxury lodges to expansive and beautiful nature, there is much more to do an see in Alaska than many people initially realize. But Alaska has much to offer, particularly for those who consider themselves to be nature lovers.

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