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The Class A State Football Championship was set to be a great match-up. Two of the three high schools from the second largest district in the state were to meet each other for the second time that season. The game was set to start at 6:45 pm in the state’s largest college football venue. At least a thousand students and parents were expected for the match up the night before the last day of class before Thanksgiving break.
Just one problem. The game location was 65 miles from the high schools where the two teams were from. District administrators were nervous to the point of being anxious about the potential for so many young drivers being on the interstate so late at night after the game was finished. A teenage car accident could turn the championship evening into a big loss for everyone.
The perfect solution? Charter bus rental paid for by both school’s parent booster clubs, with some extra money thrown in by the district’s non-profit foundation. The charter bus plan was a huge success. Nearly 450 students signed up to ride the free busses to and from the game, and though only one school came home a winner, the district felt like they had eliminated what could have been a much bigger loss.
The motorcoach industry accounts for 631,000,000 passenger trips annually in the U.S. and Canada. More importantly, each full motorcoach has the potential of removing 55 automobiles from the highway. In the case of a large local sporting event, these 55 cars removed from the interstate create a safer driving environment, as well as eliminating traffic and pollution.
Whether you are looking for a single day bus tour, a charter bus rental to a special event, or you are in search of a week long travel option across the country, charter businesses that offer full service ground transportation may be the best and most affordable solution. Some companies offer airport shuttle, town car, motor coach, van, sedan and limousine services for short or long term business and leisure travel. Dedicated drivers, supported by professional dispatch, provide safety, customer service, and maintenance teams.
In addition to providing safe travel options for a variety of passengers, charter bus and limousine companies provide work for 275,000 people while they transport 400 million passengers annually. The next time you find your company, family, or large group looking at transportation services, make sure that you get estimates from the companies that take the worry out of driving — the nation’s charter bus rental and limousine services.

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