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The school year is coming to an end for many. Soon, the busyness of the school day will be replaced with the constant complaining of boredom. Your children will enjoy the first couple of free days from getting up early, numerous homework assignments, and long school days. Then, they will look to you for entertainment opportunities. Coming up with some exciting and unique plans ahead of time can help you fill the long hours and days of the summer. Consider a few of the following summer plans to encourage entertainment and education.

Day trips to the local museum
The museum can be both exciting and educational to children. Many museums even have children?s areas or children?s day camps. They can interact with other children, while also learning about history and science. Museums also tend to be very large, making it a great trip for multiple days throughout the long summer. If you have numerous museums in the area, allow your children to pick the specific one?s that they want to visit. These are very easy travel trips and you can find single day bus tours to and from them.

City scavenger hunt
It is very possible that you do not know every area or attraction in your home city. City scavenger hunts can be exciting and they allow you to learn more about the specific businesses and locations throughout your city. Not only will a city scavenger hunt provide the entertainment that your children are looking for, but you may even learn of new and exciting places to take them to later. Some scavenger hunts are entirely on foot, while others require the usage of transportation. Consider taking bus tours throughout the city to further increase your knowledge of the city.

Single day bus tours
You might find entertainment opportunities with your local charter bus company. Even if you do not want to travel overnight, you can often find single day bus tours. The simple act of traveling the city by bus can be exciting for children. It is a great opportunity to sightsee, taking in a lot of the things that you might miss when driving yourself. These single day bus tours are also better for the environment, allowing you to provide entertainment, with little damage to the environment. In fact, each motor coach has the potential of removing 55 automobiles from the highway.

Take in a local show
The school year is often a very busy and hectic time for many families. You may find very little time for taking in local shows or visiting local restaurants. The summer is a great time for seeing a local Broadway show or taking single day bus tours to a local play. There are approximately 7,000 stretch SUVs and 8,000 non stretch SUVs licensed for limousine and charter services in the U.S. Arranging a Broadway or movie trip in a limousine or other type of motor coach is sure to be an experience that your children will share when school is back in session.

Arrange a weekend trip
Weekend trips or multiple day trips are easier to plan when you do not have to schedule around school. If you have the ability to take a couple of days off of work, you can find many local weekend trip possibilities. Arrange public transportation in the form of bus tours to and from the airport or choose to entirely commute by motor coach. The motor coach industry currently accounts for 631,000,000 trips annually in the United States and Canada. You will find many convenient and schedule friendly travel options via motor coach.

As the school year comes to an end, you may be experiencing some anxiety at entertaining your children all summer long. You may be surprised at the number of local activities in your own city. Arrange a day trip to a local museum in single day bus tours. Take in a city wide scavenger hunt. Plan an upscale movie or Broadway night with a motor coach. Plan a couple different overnight or weekend trips via motor coach. Your children will appreciate the entertaining activities and will remember the summer for many years to come.

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