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People looking to fly without the hassle of commercial airlines may find charter jet companies and private jets great alternatives. Oftentimes, commercial airlines can be expensive, riddled with layovers, and time consuming security measures. That’s why people are beginning to seek out charter jet services, because charter jet companies take the hassle out of flying so that travelers can better enjoy their trips. They’re safe and convenient because they’re able to fly in and out of over 5,000 public airports around the U.S., providing the utmost convenience to travelers.

People fly every day. In fact, an estimated 8 million people fly each and every day! A huge commonality that many of these travelers share is that they rate comfort of traveling high on their list. According to TripAdvisor, a whopping 30% of U.S. travelers say that comfortable seating is where many airlines can improve upon. 41% claim that if airlines added more legroom, it would be the biggest improvement they could make. For many, comfort is important because they’re busy doing work on the flight, so having the room to maneuver around on a laptop is desirable. Just how many people are traveling for work each day? Well, about 33% of business trips in the U.S. included air travel. Popular work tasks that travelers carry out on flights include meetings with colleagues and completing individual work tasks.

Because of this, small businesses are one of the best clients for charter plane services and the largest users of private charter jets. According to surveys, small and mid-sized companies make up the bulk of business aircraft operators. Business aircraft passengers are also repeat customers, which is great for business. Oftentimes, they end up taking an average of 15 business trips over the span of 6 months!

Charter jet companies providing aircraft charter services are booming, and as more and more people begin to seek out hassle free traveling, they’ll only continue to grow. Already, there are more than 2,100 air charter operators in the U.S.! And it’s not like just anyone can pilot a charter jet. Pilots and charter operators are required to have the proper certification, such as an Air Carrier or Commercial Operating Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration and Operations Specifications.

In this fast paced world, travelers don’t have time to waste in lengthy layovers or time consuming security lines. They need efficiency and convenience, and that’s what charter jet companies specialize in.

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