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It goes without saying that for most individuals, private jet charters are not undertaken lightly. However, despite the popular image we have in mind of a rich celebrity choosing to charter a private jet for fabulous parties, individuals are not often the ones using charter jet services. Often, charter jet companies service companies and corporations — whether they’re flying out a client, a potential hire, or an employee on important business. Many charter a private jet simply due to convenience, but there are plenty of reasons besides that which justifying chartering an aircraft. Below are some reasons why many companies have decided to go from business class to first class with a charter plane service.

1. Convenience And Speed

Each day, around 8 million people fly. To put that in perspective, that is 8 million people, the majority of whom are flying with the same select few airlines and the same number of crowded flights. 8 million people, packed into the same airports. When a business venture — and a lot of money — depends on an individual touching down on time, commercial flights don’t always cut it. Many big corporations charter a private jet for their employees and clients simply because they can’t risk missed connections, delayed takeoffs and landings, or even the added time that a busy terminal adds. Chartering a private jet gives the ultimate convenience.

2. Efficiency

Yes, chartered jets are efficient, but not simply for the reasons listed above. A private jet can be a virtual office for multiple employees and clients. When flying commercial, employees were noted to have a 40% drop in productivity. In contrast, employees flying on private jets rated themselves as 20% more productive than when they were in their regular offices. When flying on a private jet in a quiet setting, employees often recognize that this is a great time to get work done. When employees and clients fly together, even more work can be done. On company-operated aircrafts, employees usually spend about 36% of their time in meetings with colleagues, 30% of their time doing individual work, and the rest of their time on non-work related activities. A lot can be accomplished in the hours that businesspeople spend in the air.

3. The Impression

The fact is that whether a company is flying out an employee, potential hire, or client, a private jet simply makes an impressive first impression. It obviously projects an air of success — you wouldn’t be flying in a private jet if the company wasn’t successful. On the other hand, it also projects the idea that the company cares. It would be cheaper to fly people on business class, but as a good, financially stable company, they choose to “spring” for the best and make their people feel as comfortable and cared-for as possible.

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