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Put down your phone, turn off your computer (after reading this article, of course), and slap on some sunscreen. Spring break isn’t just for kids and college students; some would argue that hardworking adults deserve a vacation more than anyone else. In fact, one could go so far as to say that those of us toiling away in the working world need a vacation! Have you even used any of your paid time off yet? According to Glassdoor, in 2013, 75% of employees did not use up their allotted paid vacation hours. The reality is, those who take the time to relax and enjoy some time away from the job end up being more productive in the workplace than those who don’t.

“But I can’t relax while I’m on vacation”
If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. One in ten travelers has this complaint. In this case, you need to ask yourself two questions:

  1. Are you constantly checking your email and voicemail?
  2. Where are you going on vacation?

In a survey, 25% of participants said that they have been contacted by a colleague while on vacation, and 20% said that they heard from their boss. There is an easy solution to this irritating predicament. You simply need to take your phone and zip it up deep into the depths of your suitcase, and leave it there. It sounds crazy, but it’s a tried and true method; you can’t answer a call you don’t know about.

To address the second question, you must think back to your last vacation. Were you in a tourist hot-spot, at a crowded hotel, teeming with wet, sandy children and rowdy college fraternities? If the answer is “yes,” then it should be pretty obvious: you chose the wrong relaxation destination.

To get the most out of your vacation, you should be looking at all inclusive vacation resorts. All inclusive vacation resorts allow you to make a single payment for a full vacation package. These luxury resorts are never overcrowded, but make your leisure and well-being the focal point of their mission. For even more privacy, you may consider villas for rent. Luxury villa rentals are the perfect way to maximize your relaxation. With your phone tucked away, and your computer nowhere in sight, you can’t go wrong in this stress-free environment.

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