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When it comes to family outgoings, there’s nothing better than a good theme park. Whether you are going camping or staying in cabin rentals on the campgrounds or visiting a new city together, theme parks are a sure fire way to get the kids on board with the vacation. There are three main types of theme parks: amusement parks and water parks, also known as splash parks and carnivals. Let’s take a closer look at these theme parks so you can decide which one would be best for the interests and ages of your family during your next vacation.

While carnivals are not typically thought of as theme parks they have all the essential makings of one. From games to rides, there’s something for everyone. Carnivals are usually a traveling group and only stick around for a certain period of time. They may come into town for a week or two and then pack up and be on their way to the next city or they may only stay for a few days. The length of time usually depends on how successful the carnival is and how long the city is willing to pay for their presence.

Typical carnival rides and attractions are Ferris wheels, house of mirrors, tilt a whirl, zipper rides, carousels, bounce houses and more. Games usually are things like darts and balloons, crossbow shooting and water gun games. Food is a big part of any theme park. Carnival food is known to be variations of cotton candy, ice cream, fried foods and caramel apples.

However, the thing that makes carnivals stand out the most are their sideshows or exhibits. This is when a short skit or play is preformed by odd people or animals, although these ‘freak shows’ are not that popular anymore. Thrill acts such as fire eaters and sword swallowers and knife throwers are still common at some carnivals.

Splash Parks
Splash parks are a very popular theme park. They feature all kinds of different water slides. This includes racing slides, spiral slides, tall, short, fast, and slow slides, slides suitable for children and more. Most splashparks have an actual children’s area where the slides are smaller and less scary as well as a wading pool and possibly a splash pad.

You are typically not allowed to bring food into a water park for fear of it getting into the water but there are usually cafes and restaurants within the park where the family’s can stop for lunch if they so desire. Snack bars are often available as well. Easy foods like hamburgers and hot dogs and sandwiches are what is mostly served.

Splash parks are a great place to go if you have little ones as well as older ones. They cater to all ages very well and pride themselves in keeping families together while allowing everyone to have an age appropriate time. However, this is typically only a park that you would visit in the summer. Water parks often close down for the colder months.

Amusement Parks
These parks are known for their huge roller coasters and adrenaline pumping rides. They are permanent fixtures and typically available all year round. Besides roller coasters there are usually scenic rides, a few water drop rides as well as themed rides. Themed rides are based off of particular movies or popular shows.

Amusement parks often have a number of restaurants in them as people tend to stay from morning until night but you are welcome to bring your own snacks, depending on the park. Restaurants range from diner and cafe style to gourmet, specialty restaurants to themed restaurants.

Typically an amusement park is better for adults and older kids and younger kids may not be able to get on some of the rides or even enjoy them if they could get on, for that matter.

Whichever theme park you decide to go to will be a great choice, no doubt. Theme parks are a great way to find something fun for everyone and bring the family together in a unique setting. Many times the evenings at theme parks will incorporate firework shows or musicals where your family can sit and relax after a full day of fun or you could retreat to your cabins for a movie night!

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