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Camping can be a great family vacation option that’s light on the wallet and heavy on the fun. Your kids will get to explore the great outdoors, potentially meet other kids their own age, and the whole family will be able to appreciate some beautiful family camping vacation spots that are picturesque and off the beaten track. Summer camping trips are especially beautiful, especially if there are natural lakes nearby to cool off in, and shaded hiking trails to enjoy nature. Tent camping spaces are a great way for people to have an all natural camping experience. Kids will learn how to start a fire, how to set up a tent, and be able to look up at the stars at night. There’s also a special pleasure to making pancakes on a tiny camp stove and waking up to hear birds chirping all around you first thing in the morning!
The Family Who Camps Together…Keeps Camping Together
Around 12% of adults who camp now first experienced camping with their immediate family. Not surprising, considering that family camping vacations are one of the top vacation choices for Americans, with over 500 million camping days logged in 2011. Indeed, 85% of people who still camp today experienced camping for the first time between their birth and the age of 15. After the 15 year mark, there was less of a chance that they’d be introduced to camping at all. Camping is a great way to introduce your children to the great outdoors and encourage exercise — over 55% of campers partook in regular outdoor activities as kids, and only 25% of non-campers did the same. Even as adults, camping still holds an allure — almost 15% of adults who went camping today said they went because they wanted to spend more time with their families.
Why You Should Try Family Camping Trips
Taking your kids to tent camping spaces can help build stronger relationships within your family. There’s a good chance they’ll be mostly cut off from technology, so face-to-face time and conversation will naturally increase. There will also be plenty of things they (or you!) haven’t done before and you’ll have to rely on each other to figure some things up. With tent camping spaces, they’ll learn how to set up a tent and break it down, and get to enjoy the comfort of snuggling under a sleeping bag under the stars at night. S’mores and other fireside treats can also be incorporated as a reward for all the set up earlier in the day!
It’s also good for children to experience nature at a young age. They’re more likely to respect their environment and world they’re growing up in if they experience nature’s beauty firsthand at a young age. They’ll have a personal stake in being environmentally aware and make more of an effort to help conserve it. You may also foster a lifelong love of camping or being outdoors!
Benefits to Taking a Camping Vacation
Perhaps the biggest benefit of taking a camping vacation is simply for the sheer enjoyment of it. That’s the top motivation for taking a camping trip, according to a survey. Almost 50% of adult campers went camping simply because they liked it — great news for the camping industry! It can be a much more relaxing and simple time.
Camping also allows you to travel to different geographical locations — on average, campers travelled almost 190 miles for their trips. It could be the perfect excuse to visit a state you’ve never been to or to see a particular geographic attraction that you’ve always wanted to see!
Camping also fosters outdoor activity and exercise. Almost 90% of campers did several outdoor activities during their time camping. It’s hard to be outdoors and not take full advantage of it — hiking, backpacking, and swimming are all common events when camping!
Tent camping spaces are available all across the United States. It might be worth your while to start looking into campgrounds for this upcoming summer or early fall to see where you and your family can head for a restful and beautiful vacation!

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