Family camping vacations

Camping is one of the most incredible things you could ever do on a family vacation, but unfortunately, all campgrounds are not made alike. Figuring out how to find campgrounds doesn’t take a genius, but it does require some know-how to find the best campgrounds for your family.

If you’ve been wondering how to find campgrounds that suit your family’s personality, there’s a few things you need to ask yourself. Is your family looking to “rough it” in a tent, or would you prefer a luxurious cabin? Are you looking for a weekend of relaxation, or do you want to have the most exciting five days of your life?

Fortunately, there are terrific family campgrounds all over the country that will perfectly suit your family. Plus, most of these family campsites allow you to pitch a tent or rent a cabin, depending on what you prefer. Here are three quick tips that will help you learn how to find campgrounds for your next family vacation:

  • Tent, RV, or cabin? Your family should agree on one type of living situation to make your vacation as fun and argument-free as possible. Whether you’re roughing it in a tent or enjoying a luxury cabin, campers spent about 534.9 million days camping in 2011, which is an average of 12.6 days per person. Therefore, you don’t want your loved ones angry for over a week because they didn’t “get their way” when it comes to where they’ll be sleeping. Generally speaking, you should try tent camping during your first vacation to see what it’s like. Then, you can try an RV or cabin for your next trip if you didn’t enjoy the tent.
  • Relaxation or excitement? The best part about family camping vacations in 2016 is that there is no limit to the ways you can enjoy yourself. Secluded campgrounds offer ultimate privacy and relaxation, and they’re also ideal for outdoor activities like camping. In fact, hiking is actually the most popular camping activity, so your family is strongly encouraged to take a trek through the woods and experience this serenity for yourself. If you prefer a more high-octane experience, many family campgrounds offer a wide array of activities, including: boats, pools, lakes, a water splash park, and even giant water slides.
  • Best places to camp. There are so many fantastic campgrounds throughout the U.S. that it’s difficult to settle on just one. If you live in the northern part of the U.S., camping in South Dakota is truly breathtaking. The scenic views are outstanding and the campgrounds are full of fun things to do. Do some research online to weigh the pros and cons of campgrounds in your area with your family.

Every camping experience is unique for each family, so it’s important to make sure you plan a trip that will combine everyone’s desires into one memorable vacation. At the end of your trip, ask everyone what they liked and didn’t like to maximum your fun during your next camping outing.

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