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In America, the most popular destinations (by far and away) for vacationers and travel enthusiasts during the summertime are beaches. Surveys that were conducted recently by researchers attempting to understand exactly how American’s travel habits stacked up with the rest of the world, and they found that around 45% of Americans prefer the beach to anything else.

Around 42% of the remaining survey participants claimed that other cities were their favorite travel destinations. These are the folks who go to Las Vegas or Washington, D.C., or New York City when they’re looking to get away.

The remainder of survey participants claimed that national parks were their ideal vacation (around 21% or so), with 17% claiming that lakes did the trick for them, and last but not least, 14% of survey respondents claimed that resorts were their ideal getaway.

So — Americans like to go all over the place when we vacation. With beaches edging out the competition handily, it seems reasonable that every American should have a working understanding of how to have fun at the beach. Oceanfront condo rentals are a start, as there are few ways of landing yourself in an oceanside property without buying one outright, and those are some of the most expensive homes on the entire real estate market.

Beach condo rentals are gorgeous. That’s why they fetch such a hefty price at sale. People from all over the world like being next to water, and the designs of these homes are typically above-average, as waterfront property typically attracts a more wealthy sort of buyer.

Around half of all Americans take a summer vacation, so around half of us should be able to find some usefulness in the notion that oceanfront condos and beach condos are easy to find, and provide a slice of vacationing heaven to anyone looking to live in comfort during their getaway.

The next time you decide to get away for a little fun in the sun, remember — Americans overwhelmingly prefer to go to the beach. If you’re like most Americans, it can’t hurt to know a little bit about oceanfront condo rentals.

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