Imagine what it would be like to view Oahu with nothing in your way, to soar over the beautiful sights and sounds with nothing to hinder your views. A helicopter ride in Oahu can present you with this one of a kind experience! Who wouldn’t want to delve right into this amazing opportunity? Approximately 9.3 million vacationers have chosen Hawaii as their number one destination to visit, and each and every one of the should set aside some time to venture on a tour of beautiful Oahu in an open door helicopter that showcases all of the incredible destinations on the island. Oahu Hawaii helicopter tours are an experience like no other.

What is stopping you from taking on an adventure? Are you afraid that an open door helicopter ride isn’t safe?

These rides are absolutely safe, otherwise the tour companies in Oahu would never even think to offer them to their tourists; bad word of mouth about an awful helicopter experience certainly wouldn’t do anyone any good. Helicopter Oahu ventures are unique experiences that very few people can say they have ever tried in their lives, so taking a ride over the island comes with some pretty serious bragging rights along with the wonderful view of the gorgeous landscape. Open door helicopter rides are unlike any other helicopter tour experience you will find on Oahu or, honestly, anywhere else in the world, for that matter. Don’t be so afraid to live your life, get off your couch, take a vacation, and enjoy everything you’re your adventure in Oahu has to offer.

Are you a photographer?

Imagine the photos that can be captured without a wall of glass between you and the world below as you peer through your telephoto lens. The freedom to take photos out of a completely unrestricted opening on the side of the helicopter is unrivaled.

Perhaps you simply seek adventure?

Never mind the photo opportunities or the beautiful landscapes down below; the thrill and rush of riding on an open door helicopter Oahu is an adrenaline rush of an adventure in and of itself!

So what do you say? Are you ready to pretend you’re part of the cast of Hawaii Five-0 without having to sit on your couch for hours on end during another marathon of the series? An Oahu helicopter tour is waiting for you. Join the 96% of Americans who know that vacations are such an important part of life, because helicopter Oahu is just waiting for you to come and experience the thrill of a lifetime. The best helicopter tours in Oahu are waiting for you.

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