So, you’re going on a well-deserved trip soon. You may be looking up hotels, flights, and activities to do at your destination. You may also be looking up traveling tips, like where to see certain attractions and how to save money while on your trip. However, are you doing your research on how to stay safe during your travels?

It’s vital that travelers think about their safety. As a traveler, you may be in a place you’ve never been before. You could go to a new city or a new country. No matter where you go, you need to prioritize your safety. Traveling poses risks, especially if you’re traveling alone. A number of unforeseen events can happen, and the more prepared you are for those situations, the better. So, how can you keep safe and have fun on your trip?

There are steps you can take to protect your safety while traveling. Here are some of the top summer travel tips to follow in order to have a safe and memorable travel experience.

Research Your Destination

One of the most crucial summer travel tips to follow for a safe trip us to research your destination. This is especially important if you plan to travel internationally. 1.4 billion people travel as international tourists each year. That’s a lot of people traveling to places they may have never been before.

If you’re one of those tourists, do research on your destination. How safe is the area you’re going to? Is there a lot of crime, especially during tourist season? Are there areas where tourists should avoid? The more you know about your destination, the better prepared you’ll be.

Some people may not have safety on their minds during a trip, but it’s important to know your surroundings. You may go somewhere because it has beautiful views or incredible spas, but learning as much as you can about a location will help you feel more at ease while traveling.

Know the Laws

When doing your research on your destination, you should look into the laws of the area. It’s important to know what you can and cannot do in the eyes of the law at your destination. For example, if you rent a car while traveling, can you use car cams? If so and something happens while you’re driving, can you use the footage as evidence if you need it? Knowing things like this will give you perspective into the legal system of your destination, which will help you be safer while you travel.

It’s also worth noting that just because something is legal where you live doesn’t mean it’s legal everywhere. There are some countries where the legal drinking age is 18, whereas in other countries (such as the United States), the legal drinking age is 21. This is important information to know, as it will impact the activities you plan on your trip. Make sure you know what you legally can and cannot do while on your trip, as this information will help you travel safely.

Travel With Protection

When thinking about summer travel tips that will help keep you safe, consider traveling with protection. If you’re traveling alone and want protection, there are a number of options to consider. If you want something you can carry around with you at all times for protection, you could buy something like pepper spray or a whistle for your journey. These items can help you defend yourself and draw attention to yourself if you were attacked.

If you feel like you need more protection, do your research on how to best protect yourself while traveling and make an educated decision on what works for you. You may receive advice on getting a switchblade or looking into a firearm sale, but you don’t have to take that advice. Having a weapon like that on you could also get you into trouble. Plus, if you’re flying internationally, you likely won’t be able to take a weapon like that with you on the plane. You should be protected while you travel, but make sure your method of protection works for you.

Learn Self Defense

Consider taking a self defense class if you want to feel safer while traveling this summer. It’s better to know what to do and not have to use it rather than be unprepared if something does happen. You can look up self defense classes in your area and work out a time when you can go. If you have other people traveling with you, try to get them to go as well. The more you and your travel group know about defending yourselves, the safer you’ll be.

You should also look up the laws surrounding self defense in the area you’re traveling to. If something happens and you have to use your self defense skills, can someone legally take action if they sustain a personal injury? In which situations can you use self defense? Be sure to have answers to these important questions before you hit the road.

Travel In a Group

There are people who like to travel by themselves, and that’s okay. However, one of the best summer travel tips for a safe trip is to travel in a group. When you travel in a group, you can check in with people, go out and do activities with them, and you all can keep tabs on where one another is. Plus, by traveling alone, you could unintentionally put yourself in dangerous situations. If you go out for a walk, who is going to know where you’re going? What if you get lost and need help? If you travel with a group, you can all keep an eye on one another and take action if someone is in trouble.

You should consider staying together as a group if you plan on hitting the town. Checking out the night life in an area you’ve never been to before is exciting, but it also poses risks. Stick together as a group when going out to minimize these risks. You can walk together, or even look at party buses to rent and hit the town in. That way, you can have fun while also staying safe.

Keep Your Money In a Safe Place

This is one of those summer travel tips that you know you should follow, but may not. It’s extremely important that you do follow this tip, though. You may have saved up for a while to go on this trip, so you should make sure your money is safe. Keep your money in a safe place at all times during your trip. You could bring a small safe with you and keep your money in it. That way, you know your money is protected when you’re out enjoying your trip.

If you’re keeping your money in your wallet, keep your wallet with you at all times. If you lose your wallet or it’s stolen, cancel your credit and debit cards immediately or report them stolen. If someone tries to use them, it could alert the authorities. If your wallet is lost, you may need to replace certain things, like your license, before you go home. It depends on where you’re traveling, though. If you think you lost an important document for returning home from your trip, call the proper agencies to see what you can do.

Lock Up Your Valuables

Another one of many important (and safe) summer travel tips is to lock up your valuables while on your trip. These valuables include diamond jewelry, expensive watches, or even things that have sentimental value to you, such as a wedding ring. You’re likely going to a bunch of new places, which means it can be easy for you not to notice if your valuables go missing. You could be wearing expensive jewelry one minute, and the next thing you know, it could slide off your body and be lost forever.

You can put your valuables in a safe. If you don’t bring one, the place you’re staying at may be able to provide one. If you do notice that your valuables go missing, you have a couple of options. If you think you lost them while you were wearing them out, you could retrace your steps and see if you can spot them. If you suspect they’ve been stolen, you can contact the police and fill out a report. Something else to consider? If something is incredibly valuable to you, don’t take it on your trip. Instead, leave it at home so you don’t risk losing it.

Know How to Call For Help

As you’re thinking of summer travel tips that also help you stay safe, take the time to look up how to call for help in the area you’re traveling to. Think about it: you know how to call for help where you live, but do you know how to contact the police or emergency medical services at your destination? For example, if you live the United States, you call 911 if you need emergency help. However, if you’re traveling to Italy, how can you call for help? Learn how to call for help at your destination before you pack your bags.

You should also research what the accident procedures are like at your destination. If you get into a car crash, do you call the police first? Are you required to call an accident attorney? Knowing these procedures can help make the situation smoother if it comes up.

Locate Emergency Services

Do you know where the nearest emergency centers or medical facilities are at your destination? If not, find out where they are before you head out for your trip. This is one of those summer travel tips that can make all the difference if the situation arises.

We take trips because we want to see new places, relax, and create new memories. However, accidents can happen anywhere. Part of having a safe trip is realizing that things can happen in an instant. Being prepared for emergency situations can even help you relax on your trip. You can go about your day knowing that if an emergency situation arises, you know who to call and where you can get help. This knowledge can also save you a lot of time and confusion in these situations.

Pay Attention When Traveling

One of the most critical summer travel tips to follow for a safe and fun trip is to always pay attention to your surroundings. You may be in a brand new place filled with people you’ve never met before. Pay attention to where you are, who you’re with, and if anyone seems to always be in the same places you are. If you think something is suspicious, trust your gut and get to safety. Know where your exit points are in any location and don’t be afraid to voice your concerns.

Also, pay attention to any food or open containers you’re carrying during your trip. You may carry around one of those vacuum insulated tumblers filled with water to keep you hydrated. If you leave it unattended, someone could slip something into your water. Keep food and beverages close to you at all times.

When people look up summer travel tips, they often want to see how they can save money, which place as the best views, and what kind of activities there are to do at their ideal destination. However, it’s also important for travelers to look up tips regarding traveling safely. You may think you know all there is to know about traveling and how to stay safe, but there’s always something new you can learn that helps keep you safe.

On top of doing your research, talk to other people who have traveled and get their top safety tips. They may have tips or share experiences that open your eyes. While you should think about safety during your trip, you should also remember that traveling is fun and exciting. By following these tips, you’ll have a safe and memorable trip you can brag about for years to come.

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