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As more and more companies are looking to diversify on an international basis, business men and woman are doing more travel for work for more extended time frames. It can be difficult for these people to be away from the comforts of home while on these trips. In order to create a more comfortable atmosphere for their employees to do their best work, companies are looking into corporate temporary housing. Here are some interesting facts to consider when deciding if temporary housing makes sense for your business travelers.

Typically, corporate temporary housing features amenities found in the average home. These furnished rentals come with complete kitchens, dining areas, living rooms, and bedrooms. The idea is to make these corporate housing rentals as comfortable as the renter’s own home. Many travelers become tired of eating out every night or having to order room service, in these cases a full kitchen can be a welcome relief for someone who would like to relax and cook a healthy meal for dinner and be able to keep leftovers for lunch! Many of these temporary housing units however, do have many of the luxuries of a hotel as well, such as pools, workout facilities, room service, and concierge. This allows a traveler to have the comforts of home with the luxuries of a hotel.

The length of time for renting these temporary housing units can very. It is possible to find both sort term rentals as well as long term rentals. It has been estimated that the average stay in extended stay corporate housing is 88 nights. These apartments are typically for those with extended stay possibilities rather than the average weeklong business trip.

Corporate temporary housing can be found in nearly all cities around the U.S. and abroad. For a more detailed account of the specific amenities included, reference online listings for specific housing companies.

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