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Camping is one of America’s great outdoor activities. Between the hikes, campfires, fishing, and other outdoor activities, campers spend most of their summers at campgrounds all across the nation. By far, the most popular form of camping is done in tents according to 86% of respondents. No matter if you’re pitching a tent or parking the RV, family campground locations all over the U.S. will welcome campers with open arms.

Repeat Outdoorsmen
Statistically speaking, the 515 million outings done in 2010 came from roughly 40 million campers. Once someone goes camping, chances are they they’ll want to do it again and again. The average camper goes on up to five trips during the year, traveling an average of 1919 miles to their camp sites. Nearly 70% of those who go camping bring a guest along, making it one of the most popular social activities for young adults. Up to 70% of camping trips are taken in public campgrounds, with RV families typically having the longest outings — 28% spend five or more nights per trip.

New Campers
Those interested in camping, but have never done so will benefit from this list of supplies for every camper. A shelter is your most important piece of equipment. Always consider getting a tent that can accommodate at least two more people than the maximum amount of people you will anticipate to sleep in it; this way your gear can stay safe in the tent with you. Cooking utensils and supplies, including camping grills, stoves, and other accessories will bring the kitchen wherever you need to go. Additional supplies like pocket knives, compasses, and map can all be useful depending on where you choose to camp. All states have several nationally recognized campground locations to help make your first trip one to remember.

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