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The secrets to a good family vacation are simple: you want to have as much fun as possible without paying a small fortune. This can make things difficult for a number of reasons: no matter how many cruises, flights, and holiday destinations you look at, it can be difficult to find an option that both appeals to all members of the family while also remaining within budget. For this reason, family camping is a great, fun and cheap way to take a vacation.

Because camping is a classic American past-time, we’re lucky to have fantastic campgrounds scattered throughout the United States. You find a park anywhere, depending on the type of experience you’re looking for: if you’re looking for gorgeous lakes, rivers, and forests, camping in New York might be perfect for you; if you’d prefer a warmer climate and some beautiful views, camping in North Carolina might be your ideal choice. Likewise, if you’d like to experience a vacation outside of the U.S. but don’t want to pay thousands of dollars in travel costs, camping in Ontario or other locations in our bordering countries might be just what you’ve been looking for. Camping in Ontario in particular offers reasonable temperatures-not too hot or cold- and beautiful views of the Canadian landscape.

If you don’t consider yourself the outdoors type, don’t let that scare you away from a family camping trip: not only are there numerous RV campgrounds around the country, but many campgrounds now offer RV camping sites for those who would rather not pitch a tent. If you don’t have an RV and don’t want to purchase one, however, many campgrounds also offer cabin rentals for interested campers.

But the best reason to consider a family camping trip is the effect it will have on your family, especially your children: the American Camp Association reports that 63 percent of children are so inspired by their adventures that they continued activities they learned while camping even after returning home. But if your kids don’t seem interested in building fires and playing in the woods for several days, rest assured that many campgrounds and campsites now offer plenty of alternative activities, amenities, and other alternatives to traditional camping that will keep your children both comfortable, happy, and having fun. If they have never been camping before and are unsure what to expect, try letting them camp out in the backyard with yourself and other family members to get them used to the idea of sleeping outdoors. Also, let them pack their own bags- with help and supervision as needed- to amplify their excitement and get them ready to embark on a new experience: camping, whether in an RV park, traditional campsite, or rented cabin.

So if you’re considering taking a vacation with your family, think about returning to a traditional and evolving form of American holiday: camping. Whether you try camping in Ontario or prefer to stick to the United States, proper research and planning will ensure that your family has a fantastic time in the great outdoors. More on this topic: www.campjellystone.com

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