Camping in new york

Camping is a great, time-honored way of spending time with your family. It can instill in children respect for the great outdoors, as well as interest in outdoor physical activity. And, of course, cooking over a campfire is just a lot of fun! So, if you are in need of a vacation for you and your family, consider looking into family campgrounds. It’s much better than waiting hours in an airport, don’t you think?

Whether you are looking for cabin rentals, tent camping, hiking trips, or more, finding the right family campgrounds can make the difference between a fun camping trip to a dreadful one. Camping, as an industry, is quite popular in the United States. In fact, it is reported that 3 million more Americans camped in 2012 than they did in 2010. Regular campers go on an average of five camping trips every year, with the average distance between the family campgrounds and their homes being approximately 191 miles. With so many avid campers in the country, you will have little trouble finding family campgrounds right for your clan.

As stated, family campgrounds are wonderful for children — both during and after the actual camping trip! According to the American Camp Association, nearly 63% of children who go camping will continue outdoor activities at home. Family campgrounds not only produce great memories, they are also breeding grounds for healthy, athletic children who value physical activity and the great outdoors — our most precious resource. And by properly guiding your children through camping (such as, for example, teaching them to pack their own bags), you can instill in them valuable lessons in responsibility.

So, if you want something fun and beneficial to do with your family, look into family campgrounds near you! For questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave us a message at the bottom. We look forward to your input.

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