Nature weekend getaways

Even though Valentine’s Day is in February, there’s a strong case for Fall being the most romantic time of the year. Walking in the woods ablaze with color, cosy evenings by the fire, the full moon in a clear night sky: Fall is a great time for romantic nature weekend getaways. Add in visits to nearby vineyards and wineries, and you’ll agree that February 14th has some competition.

Fall weather is just right
Nature weekend getaways make wonderful romantic or family holidays. The days are still warm enough to enjoy hiking, biking and other outdoors activities. In the evenings, a bonfire takes the edge off the chill and provides a setting for songs, stories and marshmallows with coffee. It’s not too hot and not too cold. In fact, the weather is just right.
Even short weekend getaways can help recharge your batteries and make you more productive when you get back to work. Not surprisingly, 85% of working people around the world agree that they’re happier after a vacation. And over half, or 53% say that they’re refreshed and ready to head back into the fray after a holiday. Office managers actually find that employees? productivity and performance improve after a vacation.

Cabin getaways bring you close to nature
With accommodations like weekend cabin rentals, you can enjoy family or romantic weekend nature getaways in comfort. As many as three out of five vacationers feel that their holidays would be less stressful if they had more privacy in their holiday accommodations. With cabins, you have your own kitchenette, making it easier to eat healthy on vacation.
Luxury cabins make a great base for a fall vacation, offering comfort and privacy. At the same time, they’re close enough to the natural world to bring you the genuine experience of living in the woods. And if we’re honest, at the end of a long day spent outdoors, what everyone really wants is a nice hot bath and a cozy meal with a glass of wine in front of a fire. With cabin rentals, you get the best of both worlds.

Romantic cabin vacations in the fall
Fall is a great time to hit the wine trails. The harvests have been gathered in and a spirit of celebration is in the air. Combining your fall nature weekend trip with some wine tasting makes for an unforgettable holiday. Many bed and breakfasts and camp sites offer shuttle services that will take you on a tour of the local wineries, so you can enjoy your wine tasting in safety and comfort.
Many wineries also specialize in cider and fall is a great time to taste their offerings. Flavors of apple, pumpkin and pear will hit the spot after a day?s hiking or sightseeing. Most wineries offer food to go with the wine tasting, and if you time your visit right, you can catch some live entertainment too. Or you can bring a picnic lunch and wander around the vineyards, and find a spot with a great view to enjoy your afternoon.

With a whole range of activities and types of accommodations to choose from, fall nature weekend getaways can be relaxing and refreshing at the same time. Enjoy the offerings of local wineries, marvel at the fall colors and fall in love again over autumn campfires.

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