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For business travelers, private jet services and charter flights are the logical and preferred alternative to crowded commercial flights. By eliminating most of the problems associated with commercial air travel, private flights ensure a smoother travel experience. Travelers can relax or work or even hold meetings on board, and arrive at their destinations relaxed and fully prepared to tackle any challenges.

Comparing private jet travel with commercial airlines
Commercial air travel has come to epitomize inconvenience and stress. Beginning with airport traffic and long lines at check in and security, with flights inevitably delayed or canceled, and connections missed, the entire journey can feel like an obstacle course. The inflight ambience on commercial flights is not conducive to either work or relaxation, to put it mildly.
It’s difficult to imagine a greater contrast with private jet charter flights. On a chartered flight, schedules are built around your convenience. There are no prolonged layovers or connections to miss. Private jet charter flights can access over 5,000 airports across the U.S. That’s ten times the number of airports served by commercial airlines. That means private charter flights can put travelers closer to their destination than commercial airlines, saving time on ground travel.

Private aircraft for business travel
For all of these reasons, private jet travel is the preferred form of travel for executives in the U.S. In fact, the U.S. alone makes up nearly half or 49.7% of the private jet market worldwide. Europe comes in second, but far behind with just 20.8% of the business private jet industry. Size is a factor, of course. With a continent-sized country, U.S. travelers have much greater distances to cover.
Private jet flights are preferred for international travel as well. As of 2011, there were 11,261 private jets registered across the country. Business aviation is a significant industry, generation $150 billion dollars in revenue annually and employing around 1.2 million people. There’s a reason why private jet charter is preferred by business executives. It’s air travel without the stress and inconvenience.

Work or relax on board
Business jet travel allows executives to remain productive even while traveling. Without the crowds and hassle, it’s possible to focus on work while traveling and to plan for the meetings and negotiations ahead. Most business jets are designed with conference facilities, so time spent onboard can be used productively.
In fact business aircraft can accommodate an entire staff, along with top management. Typically, passengers can include other managers as well as technical, sales or service staff. This makes it a productive environment, especially when compared to flying commercial airlines. For longer flights, national or international, there’s room to relax, sleep or catch up on inflight entertainment.

For business travelers, private jet flights are the preferred means of travel. Combining convenience, comfort and a productive ambience, they allow travelers to be fully relaxed and prepared for the challenges ahead.

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