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Did you know that the United States accounts for 49.7% of the private jet market? Europe actually comes in second place, making up just 20.8% of the market. It’s true that private jets belong to an exclusive market, with only a small portion of the population being able to afford private jet charters for personal use. Of course, a lot of people don’t want to charter a jet just for fun. A private jet charter for business is much more common, with many executive choosing to charter private jets for employees, clients, and much more. Of course, even then it can be a bit difficult to decide on whether or not chartering a jet is really necessary — what kind of advantages does a private jet charter for business really offer, and what’s the difference been flying with a private jet and flying commercial? With that being said, many who want to charter a private jet are also unaware of just how available private jets have become. While this availability won’t lower the price point or the exclusive feeling of a private jet, it does make it easier to secure a private jet charter for business. Let’s look into some of the advantages of using a private jet charter for business.

1. Exclusivity

The fact is that private jet charters are among the few forms of travel that still feel exclusive and impressive. While most people are able to fly commercial, few can fly on a private plane — and most only get to do so for business purposes, making these trips feel special. One of the reasons why business executives often choose to fly potential clients or employees on private jets is that it’s a form of “wooing”. If you wan to convince someone to join your company, flying them to headquarters on a private jet may certainly sway their opinion of your company’s success and abilities. This is also true for potential clients and investors. While a private jet isn’t going to change a person’s mind completely, it will certainly sway them. You can also consider chartering a private jet as a certain courtesy. If you value the people traveling, you’re providing them with a faster, more comfortable form of travel. This is one of the reasons why many executives find the expense of a private jet worth it — but there are more practical benefits at hand as well.

2. Increased Productivity

Whether you’re flying employees back to headquarters or out for business trips, chances are that you want them to take some of the time during their long flights to work. Unfortunately, when people are flying on commercial jets, this isn’t likely to happen. Even business or first class flight can be rather cramped, and people who are distracted find it difficult to maintain their usual levels of productivity. Productivity on private jets is noticeably better not simply compared to that on commercial planes — but even compared to that in the office. In fact, respondents to a 2009 survey reported that they were 20% more productive on company aircrafts than in the office. Comparatively, respondents indicated that there was a 40% drop in productivity when flying commercial. Of course, most executives don’t expect their employees to work the entire time they’re flying — but if a person’s job requires a significant amount of travel, it’s necessary for them to remain productive while in the air. Private jets make this more feasible.

3. Speed And Efficiency

If your company has to fly employees from place to place on a regular basis, it’s necessary for their flights to be as quick and efficient as possible. This is much more easily accomplished through private jet travel, in comparison to travel by commercial plane. A typical commercial jet has to fly at 35,000 feet — but as a smaller plane, a private jet can cruise at a higher altitude and don’t have to deal with as much air traffic. This makes private jet flights shorter.

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