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Camping is one of America’s most-beloved pastimes. With the country’s rich abundance of natural beauty, it’s no coincidence that families across the U.S. spend a combined 534.9 million days camping every year on average.

But when it comes to choosing the perfect place to go camping, many people become overwhelmed by the sheer number of camping options available. There are two primary categories of camping ground — private and public — that each offer a unique standard of camping life.

Is taking your next family camping trip at one of the country’s many private campgrounds the right choice — or would you be better off traveling to a public campground instead? Find out by looking at this list of the biggest pros and cons of staying at private campgrounds:

Pro: Private camping resorts offer added amenities

Many of today’s private campgrounds offer a wide breadth of amenities and modern-day luxuries that make camping feel a little more like home. From swimming pools, shops and laundry rooms to simple amenities like flush toilets and showers, private campgrounds are great for those with an affinity for “glamping.”

Con: You may be required to sign up for a membership

Typically, private camping grounds are a little more costly than public campgrounds. In some cases, you might even be required to hold a membership with the campground in order to stay there. If you’re looking for a quick week-long getaway without any further commitment, you won’t want to pay the costs associated with a membership.

Pro: Private camping grounds cater to RV campers

Whether you are a long-time RV owner or you recently purchased a new camping vehicle, a private campground is perfect for you and your family. These campgrounds offer electric, water and sewer hookups for RV campers that make going camping a breeze.

Con: Tent campers aren’t suited to the noise of RVs

As stated before, private camp resorts are more likely to cater to RV campers than any other type of camper — and because of the noise level that an RV campground can generate, it’s not ideal for families in tents to stay at one. Before booking your trip at a private resort, ask if they have a tent-only campsite available that’s isolated from the noise.

Have any other questions about going camping with kids at private and public camping sites? Feel free to ask by leaving a comment below.

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