How to fix scratches on sunglasses

Replacing sunglass lenses is a good option for broken, scratched, or otherwise damaged sunglasses. People break, lose, or sit on their sunglasses about every 14 seconds, and we all know that getting those lenses replaced is a cheaper option than buying a brand new pair, but if you don’t know what types of replacement sunglass lenses there are.

A common type for sunglass lens replacement are polarized. Polarized replacement lenses are the most protective type of lens there is, since they block the most ultra violet rays. These are popular because overexposure to UV rays can cause damage to a person’s eyes and vision like discomfort, macular degeneration. The sensitive skin around the eyes is also at risk for damage from UV rays, because they can cause skin cancer.

Another type of sunglass replacement lenses are tinted or colored lenses. Maybe you feel like channeling a little Elton John for the summer and you want to wear some blue or purple lenses. Maybe you’re tired of wearing those Kanye West shutter glasses (because let’s be honest, no one can see through them) and you’d rather get some unique shades of your own. Tinted lenses can also optimize clarity of vision in different environments.

You can also opt to get custom lenses which can be cut specifically to fit your favorite frames. Maybe you found a cool antique pair of frames but the lenses are all scratched and foggy, and you need to get them replaced. Custom lenses can be cut and designed for almost any individual pair of frames and any sunglasses need.
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