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Perhaps one the most recognizable things about Elton John (aside from his being Elton John)are perhaps his sunglasses, and it is said that he has over 1,000 pairs. Not many of us own that many — we usually have a favorite pair — but we all need and use sunglasses. Because we do not all have 1,000 pairs at our convenience, when they get scratched or broken it can be a small tragedy.
The earliest sunglasses were used in China in the 12th century or before, and were made from pieces of smoky quartz but became popular several hundred years later in the 1930s when actors needed to protect their eyes from bright studio lights. Now, we wear them anytime that we need to shield or protect our eyes from the sun (or if we just want to channel a little Elton John in our fashion sense). Having scratched lenses sort of defeats the purpose of wearing them, which is to see better. Furthermore, designer sunglasses are pretty popular, and getting scratches on those lenses can be infuriating. Rather than throwing them out you should get your sunglass lenses replaced.
These days you can actually find aftermarket Ray Ban replacement lenses and aftermarket Oakley replacement lenses, which is a better alternative than just getting rid of the sunglasses that you probably paid a pretty price for. Getting replacement lenses is also eco-friendly and not wasteful of what are otherwise a perfectly fine pair of sunglasses. With replacement lenses, you can keep your money and keep doing those spot on Elton John impressions.
Sunglasses are great for completing an Elton John costume or helping you see better when driving or playing sports, but they are also good for the health of your eyes. Polarized replacement lenses protect your eyes from UV rays from the sun, but they also protect the thin skin around your eyes which is at risk for cancer.
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