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Whether it’s in an RV, a tent or a cabin, millions of people across the country will be enjoying a family camping vacation this summer. In 2010, 40 million Americans visited the country’s campgrounds, and in 2011, this number rose to 42.5 million.

So if you and your family have decided to schedule a camping trip this summer, you’ve made a great decision!

But when it comes to choosing the perfect campground locations for you and your family, your choices become a little tougher to make. There are tens of thousands of public and private campgrounds all across the country, each offering a unique selection of amenities and outdoor activities for you to enjoy.

To make your family’s decision as easy as possible, a growing number of companies are creating mobile smartphone apps through which you can search for the perfect campground. Here are just three of our favorite camping directory apps (don’t worry, they’re all free to download!):

RV Parks

RV Parks lists more than 20,000 campgrounds tailored especially for RV enthusiasts in its database, along with reviews of each campground written by real campers just like you. The app lists each campground’s amenities, such as power, WiFi, waste dumping and more. You can search for campgrounds by looking at a map, or you can look for RV campgrounds that offer certain features, such as dog-friendly campgrounds or the best camping grounds with a view. One of this app’s best features is that its directory is available offline — perfect for when you’re navigating the back roads and don’t have any service.

Passport America

While you have to be a member of Passport America to use this app, there’s no denying its usefulness. With this app, you can quickly search for member campgrounds near your location. As a member of Passport America, you get a 50% discount at campground locations all across the country.

Good Sam Camping

Another great app for any camper to check out is Good Sam Camping. This app offers detailed and specific information on about 13,000 campgrounds and RV parks all across North America, including public parks and more. As with the RV Parks app, you can easily filter your search using a number of different criteria.

Have any other tips or useful tricks for finding the best campground locations? Let us and your fellow readers know in the comments below.

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